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If you wish to respond to ads posted you must first create an account, it takes just a few moments.. Click here for our account page).

This site is a listing service for any and all items that can be rented to the showbiz industry - we mean ANYTHING!!

Right now we are set up to serve: Toronto, New York City, Montreal, Edmonton, Atlanta, Hamilton, Calgary ,Vancouver and London, England.

Create your own ads for anything and everything: lighting, audio and video equipment..props, costumes, scenery, boats, vehicles, furniture, airplanes, artwork and Animals.. anything that can be rented to our industry. POSTING A RENTAL PRICE IN YOUR AD IS OPTIONAL.

We charge for ads starting a $1.00 - point (Canadian). Payment is via PayPal. The more points you buy the better deal you get! Click here to see your points packages/ price sheet.

Once posted, your ads will stay online for 1 year! Is that a deal or what?

Ad pricing is by category. To place ads on this site you must purchase "points", $1.00 per point .If you have hundreds of items that you wish to post and you wish to negotiate an "all you can post" arrangement with a fixed price contact us at any time or phone 416 836-0710

This site is designed for single item postings only. Categories are priced individually, if you cannot find a category that suits your items then give us call at 416 836-0710 and we will create a new category just for you! So, as this site grows with all kinds of new and interesting items being added we will be ready to handle anything that you wish to list! 

Here are the rules, they are easy to follow and WILL be enforced.

  • You must be a registered user to post ads.

  • You may only list one item per ad. (or group of the same items to a max of 6) 

  • If your ad has an item with a quantity more than 6 then you will be charged $5.00 per ad extra 

  • You must own the rental item, or at least have permission from the owner in order to publish an ad.

  • Your ads may not make reference to any items that you don't intend to rent through this site.

  • You may not market any outside product or service.

  • You may not post a link to any external web site (banner ad clients excepted).

  • This site is for rentals only. If you wish to sell an item, post it  on Ready Set Recycle.com 

  • If you have a property that you wish to rent out as a film location, post it on All About Locations.com

Lastly, Thanks for dropping by if you have any problems, suggestions or you need us to make a new category please do not hesitate to email us at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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