Artists... Rent your art!

Hey artists! We've created a special low priced category for artwork rentals.

The price is just $1.00 per ad! (All ads run 1 year!

The more you post, the better deal you get! 

Artist package 1: post up to 10 works for just $8.00, post 20 for just $16.00

We want to make it affordable for you to use to rent your art to film and TV production companies, real estate agents, and more.

Here's a short Q&A that outlines some best practices when advertising your artworks for rent:

  1. How much should I charge to rent my paintings and sculptors? 
  2. We suggest 20% of the work's monetary value for the first week, with an additional 5% for each additional week.
  3. How is my work likely to used?
  4. In a film or TV production it will be used to dress the set. In a real estate home staging, your art will help dress up the property to make it more attractive to buyers.
  5. Should I create a contract and ask the renter to sign it?
  6. Yes, that's always a good idea.
  7. Will I be asked to sign anything?
  8. Film and TV productions companies will want you to sign a "clearance form" that authorizes them to show your artwork on screen without further obligation or additional payment. (In other words, you can only expect to get paid once.)

If you have additional questions, feel free to call 416 836-0710.  We also suggest you visit our page on Ad Creation and Payment Information.