Right now Showbiz Rentals serves several cities. And we'd like to serve more.

If you don't see your city's name when you roll over the menu item labeled "Browse All Listing" it means we're not serving your city... yet.

But we could. All we need is a responsible, hardworking, social media savvy person to be a city rep. This might be you.

A city rep needs to be ready to commit to do the following tasks (most on an ongoing basis):

  1. Choose and/or provide a nice image of your city for your city's Showbiz Rental home page.
  2. Promote your city's ShowbizRental.com home page on social media. You'll need to dream up lots of things to say to entice people to visit the page. (If you don't have the gift of the gab then being a city rep is not for you.)
  3. Develop lists of local production companies and message them about your city's ShowbizRENTAL.com home page. Tell them how the site will benefit them. Reach out to them in whatever way you can, including through their web sites, by phone, and in person.
  4. Once people in your city start listing items for rent, you will be in charge of monitoring their listings – making sure they're abiding by our terms and conditions.
  5. If ad listings for your city reach a significant volume, we'll ask you to help us sell banner ads to companies in your city.

And what do you get for all this work? That's something we'll arrange with you and formalize with a simple written contract before you start. This will include a commitment to pay you of a percentage of the revenue for every paid ad posted in your city, and a percentage of the revenue for every banner ad you sell, for as long as you are working for us.

If you think you might want to become a city rep-let's talk. CONTACT US HERE