Full Service Ad Creation and Posting

If you have lots of rental items and no time to create ads, we'll take care of everything for you.


We can send a photographer to your location, take all the necessary photos of your rental items, and create all your ads for you. You (or one of your staff) will be listed as a contact person, and be given a password so if you want to edit your ads, you can do it yourself.

PRICE: After a consultation, we'll send you an estimate based on $45 per hour (4 hour minimum). We're also open to making a deal based on a price per item.


Option 2 includes all the services of Option 1 plus... ShowbizRENTALS.com will serve as your rental agent. ShowbizRENTALS.com will be listed as the renter on rental contracts. We will field all calls from prospective renters, invoice and collect deposits and rental fees, oversee rental contracts, and even (if arranged) do pickups and returns.

PRICE: 15% to 40% of all rentalsĀ (negotiable)

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