Lighting and grip package truck

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Great for making independent films and music videos.

Tired of renting a van and then spending a day driving around picking up grip and lights, then having to return it all the day after your shoot?
( average 6-8 hours) Have you ever said, if I only had this or that, I could have.....

Tired of having to commit to future rentals with a contract to just get a slight discount on a rental.

Tired of the expensive pre packaged shiney lightweight viral vans that don't have everything you really could use or not enough of . It's those little things that count, like a matthews doorway dolly, or a cinevate dolly.

Tired of those extra costs, the gas, the insurances, hiring a driver, truck rental, the overtime, that end up adding to more than the basic truck rental. Money that you could use for the creative project.

I created an Independent grip lighting truck that has a variety of this and that, to get the job done. Nothing fancy or shiney, just a solid working truck to get the job done at a fair and reasonable rate.

No need to pick the truck up or return it, it's delivered to your set, and the driver stays with the truck throughout your shoot. No need for truck security, no need to worry if the truck is safe from thieves.

The truck is MOT rated and licenced for 4.9 tons.

No extra fees, no extra overtime costs, just a reasonable rate for you to get on with the production at hand.



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